No Epidural Needed

I think since we made the decision to follow God's lead, all. the. way.... we have been learning what transition is all about. First, it started with CJ leaving his job, with no job to go to. Then it was leaving the comforts of our friends and family. Moving to a new state, an apartment, still no job. Next it was CJ's first day of bible school. Then it was facing that we had no health insurance and we weren't going to buy any, b/c of course there is still no job. Just as we were settled and getting a bit of a rhythm down, God said move and we moved into this great big house of ours. Along with the move, He gave us the brilliant idea that we should have students live with us. So, in March came our first student. May our next. And June our third. Note, there is still no regular job, health insurance or regular income.

Can you say, TRANSITION????

Hmmm... Websters dictionary defines transition as a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.

When I think of transitioning, I think of labor. I am sure some of you can remember it, ah em...fondly? Thrills might remember it all too well, since her newest babe is only, what? 3 weeks old right now?

Anyways, when I was in labor transitioning into the last leg of that lovely race, I remember it not being my finest hour in life. Actually, I can laugh about it now, but at the time, I all but freaked on the nurse until she agreed to give me drugs. And I distinctly remember putting my hand over CJ's face and telling him that he needed to be quiet. God's presence re entered the room when I had my epidural.

Now, I am not calling for my epidural right now! Because God's presence is definitely here.

I can say this, I have found myself rather uptight lately. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Until it dawned on me that I had three people living with me. Three very different girls, ranging in ages 18-21. Three girls who have their own style, their own backgrounds, their own agendas, living in my house!!!!

While I am confident that God called me to have these young women live with us (just like I was confident I was going to have that baby), it is a bit of change and it does take some getting used to.

We had a house meeting the other night. And I admitted that I was having a hard time getting used to all these people living in my house! But something broke as we talked and I felt as though suddenly, I might have made it a little further in my transition of family of four to family of 7!

Tonight everyone was sitting around the table eating dinner. We were laughing and talking over each other and stuffing our faces and just generally being a loud bunch. It occurred to me, that this is what I had longed for, this is what I had heard when God said, have three college age girls live with you.


  1. :) Very well written. Not really knowing you as well as the others do, I didn't know, exactly, what your vision was. Thank you for writing.

  2. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about what God has been doing over the last year in your life and the ministry of your family. You are already on the mission field.


    Thank you for sharing!

  3. How funny, I've been feeling similar transition pangs all week.

    We had company for two long weekends in a row and on the heels of that, my brother and his wife moved in. They're staying with us for a month, while their tenant wraps up her temporary job and 9 month lease on June 30. I've felt discombobulated, disconnected and rushed through my days. I've tried deep breathing (while smiling my Suzy Homemaker smile!),working out more and praying. Well, talking at God really.

    It occurred to me yesterday that it was just adjustment. That the change is only temporary, but they aren't company. They live here.

    I don't need to entertain them, or cook fancy or clean extra - they moved in. So, I've been relaxing more, thanking and praising more, and enjoying the past two days a lot more because of it!

    And I've stopped talking at God about myself - and started listening more! Works for me :)