My Dear CJ,

Cj turns 30 tomorrow. We've been celebrating this milestone, each day this past week with small gifts. The grand finale tomorrow, is a trip to Hershey Park, with his best friend. The Lord showed me how CJ is my prince and to honor him that way this week. Princes are always memoralized! I wrote this for him today and wanted the world to know, just how incredible he really is!

Dear CJ,
Thirty years ago, you were born into this world, with a destiny to fulfill. At 9lbs 8 ½ ounces, you popped out with a tooth, surprising even the doctors. Your mom, loved you more then life itself.

Childhood was a joy for you. You were creative, shy, and loving. You learned to be tough as a moving target by your brothers basketball. You were inventive and silly. You had contraptions hung around your room. Cats, dogs and babies all loved you, because you possessed a super love for them.

Teen years hit, as you struggled to find who you were. Some years were certainly harder then others. But, God was with you, even when you didn’t know it. From a boy, to a teen, you found a love for computers. Enjoying times, with your step dad, you found it a welcomed challenge to build a computer from scratch. This was who were becoming.

Towards the end of a milestone in ones life, graduation from highschool, you met a screwed up and lost girl. Slowly and cautiously, you began speaking life and love into her. You pushed to show her that there was still such a thing as family. You helped ground her as she helped you to learn to fly a bit.

Then one cloudy early morning, you stood in front of her and asked her to marry you. YES, was proclaimed from her lips. And I became your wife.

The first couple years of marriage were harder then you ever thought it could be. It wasn’t until one awesome and beautiful day of your life that things began to turn around.

It was the day, you chose JESUS.

Laying down your life for Him, became the first step to a life of adventure and excitement. It was because you finally met your real, Dad. He began to guide you as a husband. He began to mold you even more as a man of Christ. Slowly, He showed you that the ways of this world were not worth living for.

But it was the birth of your first son that drove you even deeper into pursuing Him. Your love for your boy was so deep. Through each hurdle we encountered, you became confident that He was going to get us through this trial. Of course, He did.

Two years later, another little boy. This one healthy and strong. This one, from the moment of his birth, was a fulfillment to our prayers, from the Lord.

Who could ask for a better father? No one. Your children are loved and they adore you.

So, here you stand, with caution thrown to the wind. A disciple of Jesus Christ. A husband. A father. An encourager to many. God put you on a path, you never expected to be on. A student in ministry school with a heart to go into the nations.

Thirty years ago, no one would have ever known the kind of man that you would become.

You, my love, my husband are indescribable.
Happy 30th Birthday.


  1. That was so beautiful. Happy Birthday CJ! You are blessed to have an awesome wife - as she is blessed to have you!

  2. This is to be treasured!

    Happy Birthday CJ! May God continue to pour into you all that you need and beyond. He has to because it is evident that you walk in His ways and what He puts into you, you pour into others!

  3. Wow! Fire, this was beautiful. And so fun to read your story, looking back.

    Happy Birthday, CJ! May God bless you with many more years to serve Him and His people and to love that gorgeous, sweet family with which He has blessed you.

    Incidentally, The Boss has a birthday on the 22nd also. He's much older than 30 :)

  4. What an awesome gift to give your husband..your words of affirmation, love and respect. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday CJ!

  5. That was so beautiful! I agree we should honor our husbands as princes. I know it is easy to forget to at times. Happy Birthday CJ. I hear 30 is the new 20 but who wants to be 20 again... certainly not me.