Just Listening to Rita

One of my favorite worship musicians is Rita Springer. So many times, I have put one of her cd's on during my quiet time with the Lord, or in my headset as I am out walking. It doesn't matter if I am having a bad day or a great day, I really enjoy her. Somehow I feel as though she speaks my language. She is able to help me get into a place of worship with the Lord. I just enjoy her immensely.

I think I first heard Rita, when I was at my old church, in PA. She had done some "concerts" there. And when she traveled up to PA, I would make sure that I was able to get the night out, just so that I could sit under her worship leading. No matter what, I felt as though I could find my God when listening to her.

It was a joy for me, when CJ and I moved to NC and started going to bible school, to find out that she was part of our new church and even taught a class or two at school.

But, Monday night, was the icing on the cake for me. About 40 of us women crammed into a livingroom, for our monthly womens meeting. Tonights topic: worship with Rita Springer!!
Oh, how lovely is it, to sit in a livingroom, worshipping the Lord with one of my all time favorite worship leaders, live and singing her heart out to the Lord.

I was blessed as I soaked up every drop of the Lord that I could. At times, I didn't even sing, I just sat there and enjoyed the sounds of her and the other women singing their hearts out. I just soaked.

One of my favorite songs of hers right now, is I Have to Believe. I did the best I could with finding it online. Enjoy!


  1. So that's why you moved down south! LOL.

    I so appreciate how easy it is 'jump' into worship when listening to Rita Springer. Then again, I could worship all day long.

  2. I'm trying to think of a snappy response but none are coming. So I'll just say you lucky dog you.

  3. That is so cool that you were able to have some time of soaking with Rita leading worship. I also have always enjoyed listening to her worship the Lord and either joining in or soaking myself.

  4. That is awesome! Rita Springer in the living room with you (and some other women). I'm jealous.

    You can plan a night out on July 25 and come to CCC. She is in concert that night. LOL!

  5. That's very cool! #1 got to be a part of a class she taught to our worship team the last time she was here and it forever changed her!

    She is so genuine, Natalie's right...you lucky dog you!

  6. Amazing!!! Just amazing. When I put on her music, I am just instantly ready to worship. She's the only worship artist that I've ever experienced that with. She's the bomb. You stink :)

  7. What an awesome opportunity! I love the intimate times with Rita. She has so much insight and wisdom. I am trying not to be jealous.