If It's Free, It's for Me...

There's a story with that line. And since, I am sure that everyone in bloggyland is hanging on to every word I write, I felt as though I MUST share!

My dear friend at The House that Jack Built, was notorious for getting really nice free goods. Friends, I am serious, when I say, that girl had a knack for finding everything from beautifully handmade kids houses, to porches, to furniture, to a swing set. Infact, it became a running joke amongst her friends that if it was for free...it was for (insert her name here) them.

I fondly, remember saying to her one day, "girl, you need to pray for us. I want the anointing of free stuff too!"

Well, THTJB, guess what? God answered that prayer!

Behold, the beautiful porch furniture and kids house that was given to us for FREE. I am so thankful at how the Lord gives to us, even the extras! He goes above and beyond. He is extravagant and I am deeply thankful!

Isn't it all just so gorgeous? Can you believe it?? I am so excited! I had to share. The kids and I scrubbed out the house. And the furniture is mostly arranged beautifully on our porch. One of the students from school even bought us some citronella candles as a gift - which was super sweet, too!

I'm so thankful!


  1. I love the porch furniture. It is beautiful. Now you need to pray for us to get free stuff.

  2. Beautiful stuff! And, you need to ask THTJB what her newest score is...you won't believe it. I keep hoping she'll do a post on it.

  3. You are truely blessed and highly favored! It is gorgeous!

  4. yay!!! i know, i'm asking for more things we need lately, too. we have not b/c we ask not! i asked God for a free piano last year and we got one! and this year, we got a really nice lawn mower for $20 (and i didn't even remember to ask, but we needed one!)

  5. That's so awesome. See, HE gave you that beautiful house with a beautiful porch and HE filled it with beautiful furniture. And He didn't leave the boys out either :) Great stuff - enjoy every minute of the blessing!

  6. Oh I love it. Beautiful. I wish those were on my porch and in MY backyard! LOL

  7. Wow! But nevermind the stuff...where can I find a house with a porch like that?! Beautiful.

    (I'm surfing through from Classic Mama's blogroll.)