I am doing better today.

I took the kids to the park yesterday morning and then we met CJ for lunch. When I came home I put the kids to bed AND myself. Even though I didn't fully sleep, I laid there contemplating my ugliness.

Breaks are really necessary for me.

I need to get better at planning them and actually following through with it. I find myself planning a break, an evening to myself and then something will come up and I'll cancel it. It just seems to me that there are thousands of excuses out there as to why tonight is not the night for me.

I did get out last night, long enough to go to a homeschoolers meeting. It was nice and yet awkward, since I am still feeling like the oddball out, with most of the women from my church. However when we were praying last night, I was reminded that I am not perfect, that I make mistakes often, that I am stepping up to a HIGH calling in Him, and that sometimes I need to just go to Him for sweet forgiveness.

So that is what I did. And somehow I feel as though I woke up with a bit more "umph" today.

Thank you for all your sweet prayers and encouragement. I really needed it!

Bless you, my friends!


  1. Fire, I have to tell you that yesterday was MY "one of those days" and reading your post has encouraged me for today. :) So helpful! So glad I "know" you.