A Little Perspective

As a full time stay home mom of two, its hard at times to really realize how awesome my children really are. In some ways that is sad to see in black and white. But I am on a kick of being super truthful these days.

I am definitely not a perfectionist. But I do have really high expectations for myself and others. In my mind I chose to stay home so that I can raise godly sons. I chose to give up a lot of my dreams so that I can see my children attain what God has for them. I have even chosen homeschooling believing that for my children it is what is needed in their lives right now.

Today I took EJ to a "soccer clinic" for 3-5 year olds. We prepped him over and over again on how to act and what to do.

I held my breath as he stepped out onto the field, wondering how he was going to act. Was he going listen to the coach? Would he get frustrated with the moves? Am I going to have to deal with a 4 year old crying because he didn't kick the ball correctly?

But EJ did it!!! He went out there along with 12 other kids. He was the first one to do everything the coach asked him to do. He listened well. He played well. I was so proud of him.

As child after child ended up leaving the field for one reason after another, EJ, stuck it out. Watching him, I realized that I really have an awesome child. He is smart and tries really hard. Seeing him out on the field and how he responded to the coach gave me perspective. All my hard work, paid off for an hour or so today.

For more then a moment, I stopped thinking about what we needed to work on next and just stood back admiring my son!


  1. My hubby is very excited that EJ is playing soccer!

    You really do have good kids. You know kids are usually better for other people than their own parents.

    Keep us updated!

    We really miss you and hope to see you soon.

  2. God is so good and it is wonderful when He gives us these little affirmations that our choices (and sacrifices) are right on target!

    Way to go EJ and MOM!

  3. Glad he did it! Exciting!

  4. I'm so proud of him! I can just picture him on the field running around! Feels so good, doesn't it? They are growing up so fast.

    I miss you so much! I need a 911 visit so badly!!!