My new nephew, Jonah Eric

We did a whirl wind of a trip to PA this weekend. Due to our traveling buddies, aka EJ and Z, the 6 1/2 hour car drive turned into 9 1/2 hours!!! But, it was so worth it. I loved seeing my brother, his awesome wife, my niece and my new nephew. I miss them the most out of all my family (sorry Mom!).

We traveled home 24 hours later. It was a quicker trip, only 8 1/2 hours back!! Oh well! Our kids were awesome in the car.

I am so thankful to be in the stage of life that I could drop everything, pack my family up, and drive up to see my brother and his family. What a privilege, eh?


  1. How beautiful he is!! How blessed your family is and what an awesome heritage you are passing down to your kids! Be blessed!

  2. Oh! He's makin' my womb ache! lol.

    He's beautiful. And your devotion to your brother's family is a blessing, I'm sure.

    Thanks for your encouragement over on my blog. It means a lot...

  3. Adorable! I am so glad you had a safe (albeit long) journey to and from PA. Jonah is truly blessed with great Aunt, Uncle and cousins!

  4. He is so cute. I think he looks like your brother.

    I'm glad you had a great trip. Hubby was waiting for you to show up on our door step to spend the night.

  5. Precious! Glad you were able to make the trip.

  6. He is so precious! I am so glad that you were able to visit with your family!

  7. oh, so precious! we just had the same thing happen! so fun to have a brother have a baby, huh?? what a cute little guy.....congrats all around.

  8. Ohhhhhh! I want one. Oh, that's right! The Husband and I can't seem to make a boy!