A Shout Out

It seems as though my old church back in PA, got an introductory course to blogging. I am sure it happened because of MIA, as she was the culprit in getting me addicted to this internet phenomenon.

Anyways, recently there have been several new bloggers added to the world of internet diaries. I am so amused as I now live 8 hours away from everyone and yet I feel as though I have an opportunity to get to know some of these gals better here then back there!

So check out the following blogs! And enjoy them!

Classic Mama's Thoughts - a twist to writing about normal daily life, Classic Mama, beautifully describes being a mommy of two through the eyes of classic movies.

oH mY wORD! - this mommy of 3 girls, part time employee at Curves, homeschooling mama, etc will tell you truthfully and cheerfully about her life. She has wit and wisdom, all wrapped up in one flowery package!

Plain and Simple - Wanna know how to get something for free at Wal Mart? Ever heard of the song Feel It All by Margaret Becker? Or maybe you just want to be encouraged? Check out Plain and Simple!

Welcome y'all to Bloggyville!


  1. Wow! How very kind of you. :) I must say that I visit your blog every day and am always encouraged. You really are "on fire."

  2. Between you and me, who is Plain and Simple? Wracking my brain here and can't for the life of me figure out the clues. Pics of kid were no help - everyone's little ones have changed SOOOO much in 2 1/2 years. HELP my befuddled brain :)