Well, bless ya'll for your comments, encouragements, prayers, and general good cheer! It made me smile over and over again.

BTW - hey, PA'ers, did you notice I used ya'll? Okay, for real, it just slips off of your tongue so easily. It feels so natural!

Anyways, to answer some of your questions and to comment back to your comments....

Yes, Kilikina, it is 5 minutes away from our current apartment and 5 minutes closer to the current location of church! Plus, it is a couple of blocks from "downtown" which means the kids and I will be taking LOTS of walks.

MIA, there are fireplaces in the bedrooms, living room, and dining room. There are five totaled. Sad, to say, none of them are usable. We may consider putting some candles in there during the times EJ and Z are sleeping, for ambiance of course!

TCC - girl, thank you for your encouragment and scripture! And I take the last sentence, "this is just the beginning," prophetically! More to come on that thought later!

TW - I have decided that you need to start a blog. Seriously, I am dying to see fun pics of your life and children. You have so much to encourage others with! And you are in the process of adoption, which would be quite an interesting thing to read about. But, back to your thoughts on the new home... you are so precious, thank you for your prayer comment. And you are right, it does look like us.... which means that God hand picked this baby!!

Bek, I so enjoy you from afar. And I completely believe that if we were living close by, you and I would be real friends, encouraging one another in going for "it all" with the Lord.

Bell-ah - welcome! I will be posting pics as we get fully moved in. Oh, my heart is overflowing with the possibilities of what we can do in this place. I am fervently going after the Lord for salvations on my street. And cups of hot tea in my home, as I encourage and maybe even disciple another mom. CJ and I have already talked with the school and church about using our home for get togethers. And there is so much... I need to excersise self control and do things in the Lord's timing. But by reading your blog, you would understand another hospitality heart! This house makes it want to bust!!

In the coming days, I am going to write the testimony of this house. Because CJ and I have been praying specific prayers. Infact, last spring, we wrote down exactly what we were looking for in a home. God out did Himself. On top of that, the Lord has been adding to our dreams! He has given us such a heart to pour into others. But.... this is all a post of its own.

Friends, thanks for being excited with me. You don't know how many times, your comments put a smile on my face! Ya'll (there it is again!) know that we will have enough room for visitors. And let me tell you just how much we like having visitors!!!