What a weekend....

Hotel room with ocean view for three nights.... $$$
Dinner out twice and window shopping .... $$
Swimming every day in an indoor pool with the kids...$
Two walks on the beach with the Lord....PRICELESS
We were so blessed to be able to getaway this past weekend. CJ took his last final on Friday, signed up for next semesters classes and then came straight home. The kids and I had the car packed, the apartment clean, and lunch in our bellies. We were ready to go!
We traveled 4 hours to Mrytle Beach, SC and stayed at a small resort. The hotel was nice (although I must say that I used MIA's advice and brought Clorox Wipes and used them!). We had a small suite with a view of the beach. The kids were able to sleep while CJ and I stayed up to talk or read or watch tv. The best part of the hotel was the pools. They had two large hot tubs, one indoor pool, and an indoor lazy river. We swam and played everyday!
The beach was beautiful. We collected tons of seashells and every morning we took long walks. There is something about salt air that seems to clean out any sort of cobwebs in my brain! I always seem to be refreshed after I have inhaled some sea breeze!
The absolute best part of my trip was spending alone time with the Lord and with my husband. I got to take two walks by myself on the beach. I prayed and thought through so much during those walks. I felt as though God gave me some new objectives, helped me to see where I have been lacking, and brought on a double portion of forgiveness and grace. What a blessing.
And to top it all off, CJ and I were able to spend some much needed time praying and talking together. I love it when God just strengthens us through prayer and conversation. I felt as though CJ and I were able to get on the same page about some things. We delighted in where God has been growing us, admitted where we were struggling, and came to some decisions on some outstanding issues. We praised Him together and thanked Him for all that we have been able to do in these last several months. It was really good!
Our days were full of relaxation, as we walked the beaches, swam in the pools and then rested in the afternoon. I read to of the letters in the Epistles and 3/4 of a book! Our nights were full of fun! One night we went to the dinnershow, The Dixie Stampede, Christmas edition. We had a ball eating lots of food (without utensils) and watching the show! The next night we went to the Broadway at the Beach, which had tons of shops and lots of places to eat at.
We came back refreshed and ready for the next leg of the race!
Thank you for this wonderful blessing that You gave us this past weekend. Thank you for rich family time together. Thank you for time together as a couple. And most importantly, thank You for meeting us this weekend. Thank you for pouring into us and refreshing us! It was a wonderful gift!


  1. Isn't it amazing how real God is when you're faced with the ocean? It's like all his unthinkable power and majesty is just that little bit more thinkable. I wish we lived somewhere a little closer to the ocean or the mountains, which have the same effect on me. Although waving wheat fields could be said to look majestic too.