Tis the Season for 70 degree weather???

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here. We have less then a month until the day itself.

I love Christmas. I love big trees, glorious christmas music for the ENTIRE month, watching holiday movies, and most of all celebrating in every sense of the word, my Lord and Savior's birth. I just love Christmas.

I also love the crisp cold air of the season, the smell of chimneys burning firewood, and the anticipation of snow!

HELLO.... I am not in Pennsylvania anymore. People, we wore t shirts this past weekend. And today it is in the 70's. Any hint of snow? Not even maybe.

It has been a little odd decorating the apartment and listening to Christmas music, with the sun shining brightly and spring like temperatures outside my door. My children don't even know that they own winter coats. And trust me, they would bake in them! I have put feet jammies on them a couple of times, only for them to sweat buckets.

So, this is what the South is like at the end of November, warm and sunny.

Here is my big question??? How do you decorate for winter and Christmas? Seriously, my little snowflake napkins and snowman table runner look kind of odd right now. I totally forwent the touch of hanging my pretty snowflakes around the apartment.

The best decoration that I have up right now, is my nativity scene. Which is the real reason that we are celebrating, right?


  1. Oh wow. I understand your delimma.
    I have only spent ONE Christmas without snow. And that was in Jerusalem. It was neat to be so close to Bethlehem - where it all began.

    But yet, so different traditionally for me as I am used to 5 foot snow drifts and snowmen by mid november!

    ALTHOUGH today i wouldn't mind some of that heat you were describing in your post. We got a full on blizzard happenning and it is ccccccccccold.

    Shalom sister!

  2. Well, even if you were in PA you may feel the same. We have gotten our winter coats out, but the last week it has been in the 60's. No snow coming anytime soon - PTL!

  3. got your comment - good to meet you!
    we are far from Toronto and Montreal. We're in MB - mid Canada. :)