A Fierce Love

It's 11pm at night. I am night person. If I didn't have children and then a job (cuz if you don't have children then you have a job, right?), I think I would spend most of my life sleeping in the mornings and doing life in the afternoon and evenings. It just would really make my life easier if I could get the rest of my family to do things my way... Oh, and by the way, I have prayed that God would change me, that I would be able to become more of morning person. He has changed me a bit. But not fully. Plus I go in and out of seasons of more time up at night then others....

Okay, I am definetly rambling. The point of this post, you might ask???

We just checked in on the kids (our nightly ritual) and they were sleeping peacefully. Z- sprawled out across the bed with all of his stuffed animals in different places. EJ- was wrapped up in his blankets sleeping on his back with his little nose pointed in the air.

They are so precious, especially when they are asleep. Before we went to check in on them, my mind was working through the day and our run ins with EJ.

EJ is a very strong willed, passionate little four year old. Recently we have been battling an attitude. Perhaps I will write about how we are working through that another night. But suffice to say, today we had to revoke almost all of his priveledges. Ugh... Necessary, but definetly not fun.

As I was working through those thoughts, my heart pumped up with love for him. Boy, do I ever adore this child. He is such neat little kid. I mean, I know he messes up all the time, and I am constantly, disciplining him and getting frustrated. But, I can't help it, I am so in love with him.

And then there is his brother... Z. Good grief, never did I ever think that I could love another child as much as EJ. But Z came along and my heart grew twice the size and now, I have this little 2 year old sleeping in our apartment with three (count them 3) stuffed animals, monkey, duckie, and pup pup. And he would do almost anything to have me just hold him all night long...

They are my little guys. My buddies, my boys. They bring out the absolute best in me and the absolute worst (trust me, you should have talked to me this evening at bath time!). My love for them goes beyond words and is so fierce that it hurts.

And then, I thought about my Daddy in Heaven. That is how He thinks about Me.......

and you!

Good night!


  1. *Sigh* I am thinking, now that I'm expecting HOW IN THE WORLD will I ever love this child as much as Little King?? Funny you wrote about that in your post I was just discussing that with a friend tonight.

    PS- I agree with the whole night thing, and sleeping in!

  2. Thank you. Isn't it neat how he teaches us about Himself through our kids?