An Email, A Phone Call, and A Starbucks

Sometimes you just need Jesus with flesh on, right? Especially when you are out in new lands with no one who really knows you, except your family. Who, really, knows you too well and that is not always a good thing, right??

So, I may not have been able to have the real deal in person, but the Lord did meet me today. Virtually, cellularly, and with an Earl Grey from Starbucks!!!

I got an email today from a friend, TCC, that just really encouraged me. It was perfect timing and it brought a smile to my face. Thank You Lord for the internet!

Then I got on my cell phone and spent over an hour talking with Say Anything! Can I tell you just how much I miss her these days? Oh my, Say Anything and I could get all 5 of our kids together, have a cup of tea, fold some laundry and dig into the depths of life through our conversations. Our kids always played wonderfully (except for that year that EJ went through his hitting phase - but their friendship perservered!!). Infact, EJ is convinced that he will be marrying Say Anything's oldest little girl!

It was so good to talk on the phone with her. There was ease in our conversations, understanding each others situations at home and in life. Boy do I miss her! Thank You Father for cellular phones and free minutes!!

Then, I got to spend an hour to myself in Starbucks drinking a hot cup of tea and munching on a cranberry scone goodie, reading the latest Family Fun magazine. Something about spending quiet moments like that with nothing intense to deal with, fills me up in a way. Thank You Father for warm tea and quiet moments by myself.

No where in the bible does it say that we are to never delight ourselves in things of the natural. We are just not supposed to rely on them and trust in only them. We are to trust in our Lord and let him use people like TCC and Say Anything to be Jesus with skin on. Quiet moments with a warm cup of tea, brings sanity for a mom of young ones.

For these things, I am thankful!


  1. The encouragement has been mutual. Thank you for all that you share and offer.