Hello Again, My Friend

Aahhh... what a relief to be typing again. To be on the computer, writing the things that are on my heart. This was a true sacrifice for me this week. I missed blogging. I missed being able to write and get things off my chest.

Still, it was a good week. It was worth the sacrifice, the time away. I am coming back with a fresh outlook on my time with God and why I blog. I got so cramped up with thoughts and ideas, that I started writing down a list of what I want to blog about in the coming days.

The best part of not blogging was the time I got to read. I don't know how everyone else is when it comes to reading the bible, but I have always struggled with it. I enjoy the bible, I use it as an instruction manuel for my life. I get much revelation when I dig deep into a scripture. But never have I enjoyed the bible as a good read, a satisfying book. You know what I mean? The kind of book that you just can't wait to get back to. The one, where you want to spend every minute of your "extra" time in it. Well, the bible is not that kind of book for me. And I have hated that!

I have asked the Lord for a long time to give me the desire to want to read the bible like a book. Like a good novel. This week, it happened! I got engrossed, I got excited and I found the bible like a long lost read! A good book. I started reading Matthew (CJ is required to read that book for a class, so I am trying to keep up with him). Then, I went on to Mark - finding the differences in the two books so interesting. When I finished Mark, I had to go onto Luke, right? And I am so in love with Luke and his way of writing and his details. I am hooked. Really hooked.... strangely engrossed.

It's wierd with the gospels, because each one talks about the same things. So you would think that I would be bored reading different accounts of the same parables or stories, right? But, I am not. I keep finding new details and realizing that each author had a different perspective. Or a different flair to their style of writing.

In the past, I would read a parable and compare it to the other gospels. I would dig deep and think it through and would always recieve some sort of revelation. But, I will confess, I love the Lord and I desire to do His work on this earth. But I have never, ever read the entire bible. I just haven't found it fun... I know it sounds horrible. I expect so much more of myself.

But, my God gave it to me!!! He answered my prayer and I am really in love with His word, more then I have ever been in my entire life. Reading the gospels back to back has been a joy and I can't wait to go on. I can't wait to see what the next story is about or what happens next.

Lord - I just pray that this is a permanent change in my heart and spirit. That I will always love Your bible, Your inspired book. Father, give me such a passion to read and know and love Your word. Please, Father, don't let this excitement burning in me, die out! Thank you Father! Amen


  1. I am very happy with your time spent "enjoying" the word. I too struggle with the enjoyment of it. I will lokk forward to what you learned this week.

  2. I'm so glad you are back!!

  3. I have the same struggles with the Bible, unfortunate but true. I'm so glad you found your way!

  4. Glad you are back!