What I Learned from my Memories, part 1

In an effort to clean out and get rid of anything extra, my husband and I sat down on a Friday night, to work on our "memory" boxes. We are trying to condense everything into one XXL artillary box, that my brother gave me as a kid.

This is part one of what I have learned so far through my memories.....

1. When comparing what my husband saved to what I saved from our past, we both noted that I kept a lot of "paper" while he kept many trinkets.
Paper, ended up being everything from letters that my grandparents wrote me, to my own journals, papers written in high school and college, articles that I wrote for the local newspaper, and many, many letters.

I was amazed at all the paper. I have written alot in my 29 years. Looking through my childhood (not even teen years, yet) diaries, I wrote about all sorts of things in life. Even to this day, I keep journals and notebooks. I forget until I begin working on some sort of writing, how much I just truly love it or how it fulfills something inside of me that nothing else can.

And look at me now, getting my writing kicks off in a millenial way... blogging!

2. Coins. I was definetly into collecting coins. I have thousands of coins, no joke. And when I opened one of my boxes, out came more coins. Ughh.... it is an organizers nightmare! Hey, Mom in Action - up for a challenge? I've got a good one for you!
I think that collecting coins was a small way for me to deal with the desire of wanting to see the rest of the world at some point. It was as close as I could get to other countries and their cultures.

Stay tuned for more memory thoughts....