We are about to move! Not just from one house to another. But from one state to a whole new state. I am sure that most of you have done this before. We haven't. In fact, I have always lived in a 45 minute range from my parents or his. Now we are moving 8 hours away.
I've always wanted to do this. I've wanted to explore the world outside of Pennsylvania. And not just in the vacationing sort of way, but in the get to know the people sort of way.
We are heading south. Into the heart of the Bible Belt. Where it is hot and muggy and snow very rarely makes an appearance.
We sold our house and soon will be selling a lot of our stuff. And moving into a small apartment.
I am excited. I am ready to try something new. And I want my children to grow up learning about different cultures.
I think the biggest thing that I am going to miss is my friends. My house is warm and lovely, but it is a house. Our family will always be there and we don't have a choice, we will be in contact. But my friends.... I mourn the loss of regular get togethers and doing life together. They have become such a place of strength and enjoyment for me. They are a family to me in such a different way, then my biological family is.
Making new friends, will have to happen. But part of me, feels as though I am betraying my dear friends here at home.
And I am sure that we will keep in touch, well at least some of them. But the dynamic of friendship will change. Gone are the times of our 911 calls, our play dates, our shopping breaks, our sanity calls at 8:30 in the morning.
I guess it all comes down to the fear of the unknown. Things will change. How? I don't know. I pray that God will strengthen us.
It will be good, I am sure.
God has purposes for all of us!