Guess What?!!!!

Today, my family went to Hershey Park for my husbands company picnic! What a treat it is to spend the day riding rollercoasters and taking our two boys on all the kids rides that you can imagine!

While there, we ran into Mom In Action (her husband works at the same company mine works at!). We of course got talking about blogging and the how to's and what is new. We could have talked for hours, but my husband and the rollercoasters were calling my name! Off we went.

Meanwhile, we invited our best friends to go with us for the day. Tickets were much cheaper through my husbands work and it so much fun to go with them!

I hadn't told anybody that I was blogging, except Mom In Action and my husband. I figured that I needed the opportunity to see where this was going and I wanted to do it anonomously for a bit. But today, I thought I was ready to come out of the closet and at least tell my BF. I mean, she knows most of my deeper secrets, right? Blogging is not that big of a deal....

Guess what??? She knew already and has been reading it for a while now!!! And she knew it was mine! Aaaghhh! And to top it all off.... she just started her own blog last week! Check out The Thrills of Being A New Mom! And make sure to leave her a fun comment or two!

So, people... I have officially come out of the closet and am ready to share my new hobby... blogging! Mom in Action - it doesn't have to be top secret anymore!


  1. WOW! Our blogging circle is expanding. Does that mean it's okay that I show both of you some Link Love? Congrats to you both for having the courage to step out in this new endeavor.

  2. Sure... why not! I am ready to start sharing more! Double check with Thrills!