6 Year Old Swinging, 6 Year Old Thinking

I love, love, love this little boy of mine. The other day he was swinging on the tire swing in the yard with one arm to hold on with, like a monkey. At the highest point of the swing, he fell flat on his face. I was sure that he had broken his nose and was going to look up without any teeth. Thankfully, he was bloodless and only bruised. Whew!

Not more then 10 minutes later he and his brother we playing with a rope and the tire swing (again). His brother pulled the rope through the swing very hard and rope burned Zach's hands. The above pic is my little Z-man, bruised and band aided up. Boy did he get some serious cuddles that night.

Here I Am
written by Zach for school work

My feet are for walking and jumping.

My nose is for smelling whoopie pies and cake. Yummy!!!

My ears are for hearing the ocean and cars.

My elbows can punch!

My brain is for thinking about raining Legos!

My fingers are for feeling something sticky and snapping and building! WOW!!

My tongue is for tasting oranges, pineapples, and cookies!

My eyes are for seeing stars and Lego things I make. Big eyeballs!

I like my body!

I love my little boy! Bruises, band aids, silly stories, and all!


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