Evolving Style

Painting, writing, listening to music, sewing, designing, working on my home, putting together ideas for the kids, the list could go on and on.

Cory and I went out for a long date today. We purposed ourselves to not talk about anything deep. We grabbed the little Si-guy, popped him in the car, paid one of our live in girls to watch the older two boys and headed off to the mall. Yep, the mall.

I've horded much of the Christmas and birthday money we were given this year into a special account to use when the kids need things. You know, things like jeans, school books, anything that is educational or needed for life. I just don't buy TOYS with the money. They get plenty of those already. I'm the mama, I spend the money on the non fun things they need. And I like it.

In between Childrens Place and Old Navy, I mozied into TJ Maxx and eyed up a blue bowl stand. It was so pretty and would look perfect on my dining room table. I showed Cory. He snickered at me and we moved on. Then I saw this red ladder stand that would be just funky for my living room. I showed Cory. He said, "hmm..."

And that is when it came out.... "boy, your style has changed," he told me. Yes it has... More and more it's becoming the style of "find me a beat up piece of furniture in the trash and give me some paint."

I'm in the mood to find an old farm table and then I want to get mismatched chairs. I want to paint the mismatched chairs in funky blues and greens with some flowers on them and place them around the table. Then I want to find a bench to go with it. I want to paint flowers on the bench too.

I just love creating. I love painting and writing and sewing. I love turning the music up loud, wrapping a bandanna around my head, and immersing myself in some sort of project. Somehow in the midst of that, my mind clears out, my ears tune in to God, and my heart settles a bit.

My style has changed. Or maybe, it has just evolved more into what God has for me.


  1. What a great post.

    And I love how style and a sense of what "speaks" to us changes as we grow. It is a really fun and tangible evidence of our process, don't you think? As painful as a look back on some of my "awkward" years can be, I do secretly (and now not so secretly!) enjoy seeing the transformation that has occurred over the years. Both in my appearance and in my home.

    The little thread I see in you that HASN'T changed? YOU LOVE COLOR, YOU EMBRACE VIBRANCY. And that is one of the things I have truly always loved about you.

    GO buy that bowl. Fill it with a riot of color. It's so you.