It Really Is a Sport For Me

There's 10 boxes of Wheat Thins there and 6 boxes of cereal. Also not shown are 14 ears of corn. Total spent????


The wheat thins alone were 4.49 a piece. I got all ten boxes for FREE! No joke. I had free wheat thin coupons when you buy 3 kraft items. I bought three things of Kool Aid (which was legit and allowed - it said it on the back of the coupon)!!!

C'mon Thrills - you have to be proud of me for this load!!!


  1. Great job! I'm working right now on a list of things I'll need for the big trip, that I'm going to try to get at CVS. Between the Extra Rewards, the coupons, the benefits card from work, and the sales, I hope I do as well as you!

  2. I thought about calling you today just to see how you did.

    You are awesome! I think I need to take some lessons from you. I went to the store this morning and spent like $40 on less than what you got (although I did get chicken and haddock).

    I am overwhelmed by my coupons right now. I can't think clearly.

  3. You are amazing!

    Last week I utitlized the Giant deal on Kelloggs cereals. That with coupons and the $10 rebate, I was able to get 12 boxes of cereal (worth $37) for $2 - that is after the $10 rebate. Even without the rebate, $1 per box really isn't bad.