A Sweet Gift ... part 2

After spending almost the entire day outside wandering the NC Zoo, our van full of kids, students, and most importantly, friend Cobb, all headed home. We were tired, a little worn out, but still in good spirits.

Dinner was over, the kids in bed, CJ, Cobb, and myself sat on the couches and began yet another conversation. Around 9pm the phone rang. Standing at the Charlotte airport, with her entire family, was one of my bestest friends from PA, the Jones family. They were on their way home from a vacation and had the option to be bumped off their flight. "Should they take it," she was wondering.

Before I knew it, I was standing in my own living room, with Cobb, who he and his wife were the first small group leaders in which CJ and I met, the Joneses!!! All five of them were here in MY house, all the way down in North Carolina.

Oh, what a reunion!

All I could think of during those next 20 hours was how this was a totally sweet gift from the Lord... pure and simple.

Our home was a hub of activity during that night and day. The kids played hard, went down the big, big slide, and ate heartily. Mrs. Jones and I, spent a couple of hours by ourselves at a local coffeehouse, an even sweeter treat. Cobb sadly (for us only) returned to his friends house, after breakfast for a quick visit.

That afternoon, the Jones family, and the boys and I, went to Lowes Motor Speedway for a tour.

Up next... how On Fire gets her brush with fame over NASCAR!


  1. What a wonderful surprise!

    All of your children look much too old to be the little babies and toddlers I remember them being!

  2. Thanks so much for your amazing hospitality! It was such an amazing and yet peaceful and rejuvenating time with you. We still miss you though!

  3. How nice of you to host all those surprise guests.