Celebrity Meeting in Bloggyville

Yesterday I went to a Homeschoolers book fair. While there, I attended two of the many offered, classes.

The first one, was 7 Steps on How to Choose A Curriculm. This of course, was a definete for me, because while I am deeply grateful to the pioneers of homeschooling out there, choosing a curriculm has brought me close to tears. And for those of you out there that aren't homeschooling, I challenge you to just order the Rainbow Catalog (which is great for any parent who desires to teach even a little at home). Take one look at that catalog (weighing at least 2 pounds and looks like the phone book for NEW YORK CITY!) and you will see why the homeschooling curriculm explosion has made my head spin.

Moving on...

The second class I took was called An EKG of Your Heart. This class was to help encourage you as you either continued on with homeschooling OR are in the process of just beginning. Another absolute that I needed as I am still struggling with doubt and pressure of not being able to live up to this challenge, called homeschooling.

I had a bit of trouble paying attention to the guest speaker during this class though. She opened with explaining that she was a writer, a speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and that she was a blogger for Faith Lifts. Her name was Marybeth Whalen. I immediately recognized her and then chuckled to myself that in my warped little world I was seriously excited to meet someone outside of my little circle, who not only blogs but happens to be part of those career bloggers!

Just laugh at me... cuz, I am!

I did introduce myself in a very goofy, stupid, way...."I blog too!" Duh. Everyone does. Then said, "wow, you wrote a book?" Of which she answered kindly and then moved on to the next person, who actually had a real question for her to answer.

That my friends, was my bloggyville celebrity encounter.

I am wondering... do you think that there is someone out there that would be tickled if they met, On Fire For Him??? lol...


  1. I'd be tickled to meet you!!

  2. You are too cute!

  3. I'm cracking up here - I can just picture you standing there in the aura of her "celebrity-ness!" So adorable :)

    And yes, I'd be the same way if I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers out of the CCC circle. Or Matt Lauer. :) tee hee!

  4. I was just talking to Classic Mama (before I read your blog) and she said that she would love to meet you - so the next time that you are up this way, I will have to introduce the two of you! :)