And the Winner Is

Good morning!

Well, I loaded all the comments into Word, put numbers by them, and deleted those that did not give me email addresses or ways to correspond with them. Then I went to, used their integer selection and popped in the numbers.

It was rather high fluentent stuff!

The winner was number 2 on my comments list, which is Dolly from My Cherry Heart.

Congratulations Dolly! You won the $20.00 gift card to Body Shop!!

I had a lot of fun doing this bloggy giveaway! I was amazed at how many people ended up participating, over 500!

Plus, I have met a couple of new and neat bloggers! I am excited to be visiting their blogs and getting to know them better!


  1. YAAAYYYY I won I won I won.....
    Oh my....
    this is so exciteing!

    Thank you so much for offering this give away!

    What do I do next?

    Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

  2. It was fun to enter your contest. I'm glad you had fun too.

  3. Well, I came by too late to enter, But I did enjoy the pics of your worship, prayer, and dinner.

    I like your title. :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Hi!
    You won my children's book giveaway!
    Please email me your mailing address and gender/age preference for your books at cultivatinghome at uticasystems dot com.
    So happy you won!