First Things First

I have been in a slump lately, as a mom. Every once in a while, I walk through this readjustment time with my attitude. The said attitude comes around for various reasons. Sometimes, I just haven't spent some real quiet time with Him. Other times, I haven't gotten a date by myself (something I found VERY important for me). Then there are the times, when our life is way too booked up. Still there are times when I find my little attitude arising when there seems to be alot of transition happening and my brain hasn't settled into it all yet.

So for my so called recent slump and yucky attitude, all of those reasons and excuses have happened over the last several months.

The good news... I have emerged. I am crawling out of the pit of grumpiness in motherhood. I feel the SON on my face and I am beginning to feel giddy joy in my heart.

I have been connecting with an online friend recently who, God love her, got an earful (really an eye full) of my heart on a platter. I explained my weariness, my resentment, and the feeling of being overwhelmed as a mother. She emailed me back with a list of "Do you ..." questions.

Then the Lord very wonderfully reminded me of a re occuring theme dream recently. In the moment of rememberance He brought quick revelation.

Between the dream revelation and the questions, I was able to shake off the desire to abandon motherhood immediately.

He of course replaced the attitude with new FIRE to be the mom, He has called me to be. He gave me fresh new ideas and re focused my day and agenda His way.

It feels like spring in my heart and literally outside here!


  1. I am so glad to hear this.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing how God is working on your heart!