Dear "J"


I hope that this post does not embarrass you. But I have been wanting to write you for quite sometime now!

I don't think you have a blog, since when you leave a comment you always leave it as "J said..." Because of this, I can't track back and talk with you.

Did you know that you leave the most encouraging comments? And sometimes you write things that make me think and evaluate.

I know you know the Lord. And I think you have a couple of children. I don't really know where you are from.

But you've touched my heart. And since there was no other way, to tell you, I thought I would give you, your own personal post!!!

I pray the Lord bless you richly! Thanks for encouraging me!


  1. What a great idea to get in touch with "J'.

  2. That post was so sweet and encouraging. Thank you!

    I don't have a blog but have considered it. For now, I will be content with just being blessed reading others.

    Momteacherfriend pointed me to your blog a while back and I now have it bookmarked and check regularly. I love your blog and find it so encouraging. I also respect and admire your desire to seek God in your life (and your writing).

    I live in Michigan and have two children - 4 year old twins! I also homeschool - which I find to be so rewarding and blessing!

    Thank you again for your thoughful post - it really touched me!

    ...and just so you know, you didn't embarrass me.

  3. Yea! How very fun to meet you more. I am always excited when I see one of your comments!

    And you have 4 year old twins and you homeschool! How neat and I am sure exhausting at times!

    It is so good to meet you!
    And if you ever decide to start your own blog, let me know!

    PS - email me sometime. My email address is under view profile!

  4. I went to your profile and selected "email" but there was no email address. It just kicked me over to my email account - but no email address showed up. Am I doing something wrong? Let me know.

  5. Well - here it is, then!

    That should work a little better~

  6. J is one of my bestest friends!

    She is my precious jewel of a friend who will always pray for me when I call. And when she says she will pray she does. She has a sweet spirit, a desire to obey and follow Christ wherever He leads. I love you , J! So glad to see others blessed by you as well.