Snippets from our first Christmas in N.C.

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year. This is the first time that we have ever spent Christmas alone, just the four of us together.

It was a different year. We did not go out and get a big Christmas tree. Instead we used our advent tree this year and decorated it each day. We did not go out and buy tons and tons of gifts. But instead, we bought three gifts, representing the wise mens offerings to baby Jesus. We stuffed stockings and added a pile of books as well. We did not make tons of cookies or make a huge meal. We did however, make yummy pumpkin birthday muffins with icing on top and sprinkles too. We did not have a Christmas eve service, but did have a wonderful service the Saturday before, where EJ sang 3 lovely songs and made the entire crowd laugh at his statements. And I never did get my Christmas cards out!

This year, we relished quiet moments together as a family. CJ and I became more mature parents, in just wanting to watch our childrens faces as they opened their gifts. We took delight in each other as we offered each other small gifts. We did watch White Christmas, as it just doesn't seem like Christmas without doing so. We ate popcorn and wrapped presents together. It was one of my favorite nights, this past week.

I did not make a big meal up. However we were invited to a families house, that we kind of know. So, we stepped out of our comfortability zone and attended dinner there. It was a blessing for all of us!

The best part of it all, was my children. EJ said over and over again, "thank you, mommy and daddy. Thank you." Never in his 4 short years of life, have I ever seen him so incredibly thankful and grateful for what he had received. (And overall, I would say my boy has a beautiful grateful heart!!!) Something was different in him, this year. He truly with all his heart appreciated everything that he received. It brought me to tears.

And this year, I received two most precious gifts. The first was from EJ, who, with his father, made me a beautiful necklace out of sea glass and a seashell that we had picked up on vacation, in Myrtle Beach. the second gift, CJ gave me 3 black and white pictures of the boys and I framed. It melts me heart each time I look at them!

All in all, it was one of my most favorite Christmas's ever. I loved the simplicity, the quietness of the day. I loved focusing on my family and making it a personal day just for us. It even rained, in true N.C. style (or so we have seen so far), which reminded me of snow. I know, I am desperate for the white kind of precipitation!

I am so thankful!!!


  1. Sounds like a Christmas everyone dreams of. You should post a picture of that necklace. I would love to see it.

  2. Your Christmas sounds wonderful! THAT is the way it should be. Thanks for stopping by Southern Somedays!