CJ came home late Friday night. It was a long trip for him. The storm that hit the US delayed many flights. So, instead of meeting him at the airport at 7:45 pm. We waited patiently at home until 12:30 am when he finally arrived home.

It was so good to see his face and to hug him. I love that he is traveling and ministering to so many people. But, I am so thankful when he comes home (and rescues me!).

I have decided that I was not made to be a single mom. For those of you, out there, who are, I commend you. I admire you. And I pray that somehow the Lord is giving you all the strength you need in order to raise your children.

Through reading The Five Love Languages for Children and Creative Correction, I have been realizing that I still need to give more of myself up. I need to find away to truly get filled up so that I can give to my children. I need to step away from the apartment, my children, even my husband and fill up, so that I can go back in there and give the way God created me to.

I am finding myself resentful at times of my children and even my husband. Both of them have so much of what they want. They are well taken care of, well fed, well entertained, the list can go on.

I am tired. I feel as though I can never get caught up. I can't teach or discipline the correct way, consistently. You get the picture here.....

Okay, I have clearly digressed.....

Getting back on track. It was so good to have him come home. On Saturday, we were all Christmas shopping and in the middle of the store, I just had to hug my whole family at once. It was good to be together.

He came home with great stories of how the Lord worked. Many people were saved. Others delivered. He saw beautiful cities, had meaningful deep conversations, and spent great times listening and talking with the Lord. It was a good trip and it was worth it all. even for me.

Thanks for your prayers.