Psalm 147

Sometimes, I step away from time with the Lord. It happens in a sneaky way, you know. My day was exhausting, I have to take care of the kids right now, I desperately could use a nap, or any other excuse you want to find out there. But when I am away too long it begins to show. I am affected by too much of the life around me. I find myself having a hard time forgiving, keeping my mouth shut, and getting frustrated way too much. And truthfully I find myself feeling a little uptight with the Lord.

Last week this is where I was at. We were away from home visiting family and friends and spending quality time with the Lord was few and far between for me.

Unfortunately, there is always some sort of an issue going on in my extended family life. And past hurts resurface, showing me that I still have not fully forgiven. Or that perhaps, I need to forgive again.

CJ said to me recently, "there really hasn't been a man in your life, that hasn't hurt you, huh?" And it is true, other then my brother and my Papa, most men have hurt me deeply. Last week was no exception.

So, feeling brokenhearted and distant from the Lord. I sat down by myself and cried. I picked up His word and flipped it open to the Psalms. And found this.....

Psalm 147: 3-5

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty power; his understanding has no limit."

Aaahhh..... oh, so good, is His word. And how fitting to my soul. I meditated on that scripture the rest of my time in PA. It soothed me and reminded me that He was there and He understood.

May I step out and tell you, this? Especially during this time of year, there are so many out there that are brokenhearted and lonely. So many people who are crying out in frustration and hurt. Their wounds are deep. Their hurts are real.

If that is you, then know that He does heal broken hearts. He is great enough that He made and named each star. He completely understands you inside and out. He has not forgotten you, looked over you, or wandered away from you.

Infact, His heart is hoping for you. Hoping that you will receive the only and best lover out there, Jesus Christ. He is the only REAL Healer. He is the only Doctor that can actually mend your broken heart. He is the One and Only. And He loves You so much.

If you are lonely, brokenhearted, or don't know Him at all, then email me (address under my profile). I would love to pray for you. Because truth be told, I need to pray for you, just as much as you need prayer.

Merry Christmas....


  1. I see the Lord bandaging your wounds, literally wrapping them up and binding them. For he does heal the broken hearted and he is tender in the process.


  2. I have loved reading your posts lately, sorry for the lack of comments on my part.

    I am not lonely, brokenhearted, and yes I know him but I have stepped away. That sounds bad. I just mean I've been struggling with my quiet time. I am pregnant, exhausted, feeling sick and I just am not doing it.

    Thanks for this post.