And He's Off....

Today is the first day of school! Now generally this sort of day is to be celebrated by all moms and dads out there, as their kids head out the door. I can't help but think of that Staples commercial, where the mom is going through the store picking out school supplies and the song, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," is playing in the background.

BUT today, is my husbands first day of school! Today, he starts his classes and steps out into the world of studying, taking notes, and writing papers. As I prayed for him today, I felt like the Lord was showing me that he was taking the first step for our family. That he was forging a new path for all of us.

I am so proud of him for jumping out with both feet into this. He has been out of "school" for the last 10 years. However, as he may be a little older then the rest of the student population, his passion for the Lord and getting everything he can from this experience is phenomenal.

Well, I decided not to take a picture of him as he was heading out the door, like most moms do. I thought that might infuriate him a bit!

Well, I am off to get a couple things done this morning. We have our first play date in our new surroundings. I am hoping that EJ and this little boy hit if off well, as I really feel EJ could use a good fun friend, right now!

Lord - bless this day! Somehow I feel as though this is the true start of our new life. Today seems to mark new beginnings for us. Please give us grace and strength. Help us to get everything you have for us today. Father, use us to love others. I praise you Father and love You with all my heart! In Jesus name, Amen.